Time and Again Galleries - 5th-Grader 'Sold' In Mock Slave Auction At New Jersey School

A New Jersey school is coming under fire after a grade school class held a mock slave auction.

Fifth-graders at Jefferson School in Maplewood held the mock auction while under the supervision of an alternative instructor, NJ.com reported.

The site said the activity was not part of the curriculum in the South Orange-Maplewood School District.

" There was a sale of a black child by white children in the classroom," Tracey Jarmon-Woods, parent of a student in another class at the school, told CBS New York. "If you're demoralized-- offered on a block in 2017-- it might impact you the rest of your life."

" I'm disgusted, actually revolted a kid was purchased," another parent, who was not named, told the station. "That doesn't make any sense."

The classroom's routine instructor learnt about the mock auction, which had actually been videotaped, after returning and sent out a letter the home of parents.

The teacher, who has not been called, stated the occurrence would be utilized as a "teachable moment to elaborate on read more the gravity of this part in our history," according to a copy of the letter obtained by The Maplewoodian website.

The school district sent out a declaration to the site saying it did not condone the activity. It blamed the substitute and stated it would "look once again at training and enhanced supervisory protocols for substitutes."

The statement from Suzanne M. Turner, the district's interactions director, did not use an apology.

Superintendent John Ramos later on said sorry at a school board meeting.

A letter sent to moms and dads from the school stated the video shows the students treating the auction "gently.".

" The read more jolly nature of the video suggests that either there is a lack of understanding about the real barbarity of a servant auction, or a lack of awareness of how treating this topic comically stinks," the letter stated, according to ABC New York.

The letter said the occurrence would be turned "into a chance for our students to learn and grow.".

The occurrence begins the heels of a project at another school in the same district where trainees made posters for slave auctions.

The district apologized for that occurrence too.

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